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  • James Musey

    James Musey

  • Isabel Fernandes

    Isabel Fernandes

  • Abhijith Chandradas

    Abhijith Chandradas

    Data Analyst | Hacker | Financial Analyst | Freelancer | IIM MBA | Opensource | Democratize Knowledge |

  • Xiaohu ZHU

    Xiaohu ZHU

    Founder & Chief Scientist of University AI. A watchful guardian for AGI.

  • Kautsar Aqsa

    Kautsar Aqsa

  • Trey Huffine

    Trey Huffine

    Founder of and - Passionate for helping developers grow their careers. @treyhuffine

  • Javier Herbas

    Javier Herbas

    Data Scientist formerly an engineer with 20 years of experience in the energy industry. Fan of ML and DL and everything related to AI

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